Sample of M&S Client Success Stories and Testimonials: 



January 2016,

CASE: A newly formed Houston TX. based energy consulting firm was in need of marketing and business development expertise. M&S delivered its inbound lead generation program along with its comprehensive business development strategy. 



May 2016,

CASE: Large Seafood & Bait wholesale distributor needed a new website and complete digital strategy. M&S Consulting not only built them a quality site View Site  the firm optimized the site for organic ranking -Example of our organic (1st page) search ranking success- try searching google for the "Best wholesale offshore bait supply Texas" and see if Superior comes up 1st page- We stand by our commitment to bring our clients first page rankings and this is just one of many examples of our success. NOTE: Their site was also optimized for mobile technology.






Marabou Midstream LLC- Houston Texas

CASE: Houston, Texas July 2014- M&S Consulting delivers its most comprehensive enterprise inbound & outbound marketing package that involves every aspect of energy solutions marketing including sales and marketing alignment, a complete SEO website re-design and completer product marketing digital strategy.

"We delivered phase 1 of our most comprehensive inbound and outbound lead generation program on time and within budget while exceeding and meeting every requirement of our client; the results are already impressive," said Bill Molnar Principal at M&S Consulting Houston.

M&S, a Hubspot Certified Implementation Partner, leveraged Hubspots state-of-the-art content management system-CMS offering Marabou advanced website tools for SEO content building, social media and CRM integration and advanced inbound marketing and lead nurturing tools. The result is a new website that has vastly improved Marabou's organic search ranking and their inbound lead generation capability. 




2012- present Los Angeles, CA (very satisfied and continued client) 

CASE: Energy Software Company in need of branding, inbound marketing expertise and business development automation: 

Testimonial: "M&S Consulting really helped us improve our software product marketing by providing everything from new marketing material to trade show prompts also they provided SEO expertise to help us improve our internet presence; we would recommend engaging them if you want to improve your branding, marketing and inbound marketing efforts" said David Dan- President of Power Settlements 

In addition M&S Consulting is ``providing internet product marketing inbound lead generation and search engine optimization services for Power Settlements 




CASE: January 2013 Large Home Inspection Company needed an improved web presense- M&S delivered a new company website and  basic internet inbound marketing program package. 

Testimonial: "My company was expanding and we needed an improved  web presence. M&S not only helped us build our website from scratch they also provided important SEO inbound marketing expertise to help us get internet leads" Steve Reid  President





CASE : Sept. 2014 Houston Tx. Energy Data Analysis Software company new to the America's was in need of marketing and inbound lead generation including SalesForce process automation. 

Testimonial "We provided all aspects of marketing and lead generation, from outbound and inbound digital marketing to business development strategy and implementation."  said Bill Molnar - Principal M&S Consulting LLC.

May 2015

CASE: A respectable and growing family law practice needed help getting their message to target markets with inbound leads leveraging the internet. This case study has become the pinnacle of our proven inbound marketing program and another success story for M&S Consulting's inbound lead generation program. "We not only got the firms website up quickly we completely optimized it for SEO and they were very happy with the results." Said Bill Molnar Principal M&S Consulting Houston, Texas



December 2014

CASE: Wazabi Sushi Bar needed a new website and SEO expertise to get them online customers. M&S completely rebuilt their website and optimized it for organic search success. The results were a first page organic ranking that has led to their business increasing its restaurant sales. Click here to view site 

NOTE: Their site was also optimized for mobile technology. 

More ongoing success story cases exist - Contact us for References 


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